TSA employees, crucial for airport security, often face job-related injuries due to the demands of their roles. Understanding these injuries and knowing where to find support is essential. Federal Injury Centers of Kansas City specializes in aiding TSA workers through expert care and OWCP claim guidance, ensuring a smooth recovery and claim process.

Common Injuries Among TSA Staff

Repetitive Motion Injuries: The routine actions of scanning and luggage checks can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel or tendonitis, causing pain and mobility issues.

Back and Neck Pain: Heavy lifting and constant standing contribute to back and neck discomfort, potentially leading to long-term spinal issues.

Shoulder Damage: Handling baggage and equipment use can strain shoulders, resulting in conditions such as rotator cuff injuries.

Falls and Slips: The busy airport environment increases the risk of accidents, from minor slips to more severe falls, leading to various injuries.

Our Support for TSA Workers

Targeted Medical Care: Our clinic focuses on treating TSA-related injuries with personalized care plans, from diagnosis to rehabilitation, aimed at a safe return to work.

OWCP Claim Help: Navigating OWCP claims can be daunting. Our team provides step-by-step assistance, ensuring TSA employees access their rightful benefits without hassle.

Customized Support: We offer individualized support, addressing each injury and claim with the attention it deserves, ensuring you’re not alone in this process.

Injury Prevention Tips: Beyond treating injuries, we offer guidance on preventing future incidents, focusing on workplace safety and ergonomics.

Why Choose Us?

For TSA employees dealing with work injuries, Federal Injury Centers of Kansas City is a trusted ally. With our focus on specific injury treatments, comprehensive OWCP claim assistance, and tailored support, we’re committed to your recovery and successful claim resolution. If you’re a TSA worker injured on the job, reach out to us. Let’s work together towards your recovery and ensuring you get the benefits you deserve.


BY: Troy Pearson

Federal Injury Center of Kansas City